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Ever felt that there is a generational divide in your organization? The older generations don't seem to "understand you." Or the younger generations don't seem "to work hard enough."

 Is this what we call a generational divide?

We’ve tagged Boomers as strict, Gen Xers as traditional, Millennials as entitled and Gen Zs as spoiled brats.

This is a huge mistake. Labeling generations not only created a division among generations, it also created misalignment of vision, disengagement at work, loss of opportunities and confusion. Instead of appreciating the beauty of diversity among generations, we polarized and boxed them into categories that prevented them from effectively collaborating and helping with each other.

Did you know that you can have an exclusive lifetime access to solve this generational divide right at your fingertips?

Here's an over 2,800 minutes and 18GB of no-holds-barred recorded interviews painstakingly created to improve leadership across all generations.

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A 7 Day Mentoring Session to Kickstart Your Leadership

Day 1

Values as a Compass

Have a clear sense of organizational direction in reflection to the team's values and beliefs. 

Day 2

Inclusivity as a Strategy

Provide equal opportunities among peers to create a united team pursuing one mission and vision.

Day 3

Trust as a Currency

Give the freedom to work with minimal supervision to encourage interdependence

and maximum productivity.

Day 4

Altruism as an Attitude

Build a strong support system within the organization through the habit of serving and helping each other.

Day 5

Boldness as a Mindset

Go beyond the ordinary through cultivating audacity and game-changing creativity to build a revolutionary team.

Day 6

Collaboration as a Method

Collective approach in decision making that builds harmonious relationships and synergy with each other.

Day 7

Dynamism as a Model

Adapt to the speed of change that is happening in the world  of fast paced technological advancement.

The Generational Leadership Summit Takes You Journey to be the Best Leader You Can Be

This special event brings you 60+ world-class leaders to empower you to:

  • Discover a realistic approach in leading and managing people in the workplace
  • Have a clear objective view of generational leadership based on other experts
  • Learn timely wisdom from experts who are successful in their leadership roles
  • Encourage involvement of people within the organization to help them grow
  • Create  healthy ways to work  synergistically within the organization. 1 + 1 = 3
  • And so much more!

The Generational Leadership Summit is an event that will help you transform your leadership style to help you deeply engage, influence and lead any of the generations your work with.

Lloyd Luna

Summit Host

 Motivational Speaker and

CEO of Stepback Leadership

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Summit Kickoff Opening and Closing Keynote

A live opening keynote with Chris Widener on September 10, 2019 and a live Q&A on Generational Leadership with the summit host.

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Our Featured Leaders Masterclass Sessions

I have gathered world-class luminaries in leadership who are experts in managing and leading an organization. After three months of constant collaboration, all the speakers are deeply passionate in sharing with you the wisdom of their journey because they want you to skip the mistakes and hardships of leading different generations.  

Get to know all the generational leaders who will share with you their never-before-shared secrets on how to lead a generation in the age of generational divide. Here's the schedule for the entire summit:

Day 0 - Live Summit Kickoff

September 10, 2019


Live Opening Keynote

Chris Widener - One of Inc Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers & One of the Top 50 Speakers in the World

9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Day 1 - Values as a Compass

September 11, 2019

Millennial - USA

How a Giving Attitude can Bridge the Generational Gap

Sameer Somal - Educator, Speaker & CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology

9:00 AM EST 

When you invest in yourself, you become a more effective leader. In this session, Sameer Somal will help you understand why it’s important for leaders to continuously learn and grow in order to create a working environment that’s encouraging and nurturing. 

GENX - New Zealand

How Perceived Generational Divide Hurts our Organizations

Mike Handcock - Multi Award Winning Speaker, Multiple International Best Selling Author

9:30 AM EST 

Getting a mentor is your shortcut to leadership success. In this session, Mike Handcock will take you to his journey of conscious leadership and how mentoring the younger generations can benefit organizations today.

GENX - India

How Generational Inclusiveness Can Help You Grow Your Business

Sivakumar Palaniappan - Founding Director, Thinkfluence Global  Author

10:00 AM EST 

Are you hesitant to implement change in your organization? In this session, Sivakumar Palaniappan will help you learn some effective ways to communicate and implement change despite the diversity of generations in your organization.

Millennial - USA

Gratitude as a Tool for Bridging Generational Gap

Romeo Marquez Jr. - International Speaker/Transformational Artist

10:30 AM EST 

Authenticity makes you an empowering leader. Romeo Marquez Jr will share with you why staying true to yourself is important and how leaders can have an ACT perspective to create transformational leadership in the workplace.

GENX - India

How the Education System Influences the Future of Leadership

Latha Vijaybaskar PhD - International Speaker/Transformational Artist

11:00 AM EST 

Are you wondering what motivates millennials and what keeps them in an organization? With Dr Latha Vijaybaskar, we will dive deep into the psychology of millennials - what motivates them, what makes them loyal and what empowers them to stay in an organization. 

GENX - England

Sales leadership in the age of generational differences

Andy Preston - Sales Motivational Speaker

11:30 AM EST 

Command and control structure of leadership is becoming less and less viable. In this session, Andy Preston will help you understand why old and traditional leadership structures do not appeal to the younger generations and what can you do as a leader to keep them engaged.

GENX - The Netherlands

The Leadership Psychology of Generational Leaders

Drs. Joyce Carols - Success Mindset Psychologist, International Speaker and Bestselling Author

12:00 PM EST 

How do you as a leader inspire your employees to go the extra mile and represent the company? In this session with Drs. Joyce Carols, you will know the secrets to leadership success and how to have a new mindset in the workplace that will bring you different results.

GENX - South Africa

How a Giving Attitude can Bridge the Generational Gap

Alison Godenir - Trend & Behaviour Alchemist

1:00 PM EST 

Do you want to learn more about the differences in the profiles of all generations? Alison Godiner, an expert in Gen-blending will share with you the distinct characteristics of every generation and how can you maximize these differences to grow your organization.

GENX - Singapore

The Value-Driven Generations

Tim Wade - Global Motivational Speaker on Leading Change and Increasing Motivation

2:00 PM EST 

Ever dealt with a difficult boss at work? In this session, Tim Wade will share with you his 3 life-changing perspectives on how to deal with a difficult manager and how can creating a nurturing business structure make the Millennials and GENZs stay in the organization.

Day 2 - Inclusivity as a Strategy

September 12, 2019

GENX - Scotland

How to Bring Out Creativity in a Generationally-biased Company

James Taylor - Keynote Speaker on Business Creativity, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

9:00 AM EST 

Is there a generational divide on creativity? In this session, you will learn the different ways of managing every generation while knowing that there is a creativity tool called brain writing that can eradicate generational conflicts in the workplace.

GENX - France

Natural Leadership Across All Generations

Herve Franceschi - CEO Carnets d'Eveil/Natural Leadership 

9:30 AM EST 

Natural leadership is substantial to leading any generation. Franceschi Herve will share in depth his understanding on natural leadership and how consciousness in yourself and others make you a better leader.

GENX - Germany

Eco-leadership for Generational Leaders

Matthias Gelber - GreenMan, Keynote Speaker

10:00 AM EST 

In this session with Matthias Gelber, we will dive deep into the benefits of taking care of the environment holistically and how going green will make us more cost-effective and more sustainable for the future generations.

Millennial - Philippines

The Business of Marketing in Widening Generational Divide

Nic Satur Jr. - Stepback Leadership Facilitator, Motivational speaker and Educator

10:30 AM EST 

How has the academe shaped the creativity and confidence of the younger generations? This session with Nic Satur Jr. will make you understand the important role of the academe in shaping the identity of younger generations and how can its role be optimized to create leaders.

GENX - Vietnam

The Journey to Mentally Healthy Leadership

Maggie Georgopolous - Author & Keynote Speaker

11:00 AM EST 

Leaders play a very important role in safeguarding mental health in the workplace. With Maggie Georgopolous, we will find out how mental health is important to everyone - not just to the leaders and how can mental toughness help your organization grow.

GENX - Philippines

Storytelling for Effective Generational Leadership

Patrick Balo - Creative Director

11:30 AM EST 

Storytelling is a key leadership ability to win your team. It’s a powerful way to communicate and embody the change leaders seek. In this session with Patrick Balo, you will understand how he applies storytelling in managing his team and how this can alleviate cultural differences. 

GENX - Singapore

Happiness and Resiliency in the Age of Generational Divide

Suresh Devnani - The Happy Doctor

12:00 PM EST 

How do you adapt to technological change? In this session, we will take a closer look at the impact of resilience in leadership and how can leaders effectively adapt to cultural and technological changes to better manage their organizations.

GENX - Spain

The Danger of Putting People in a Box of Generations

Ian Gibbs - Speaker, Author and Trainer

1:00 PM EST 

Leading the team with trust and confidence is vital to organizational growth. In this session, Ian Gibbs will share his insights on the value of flexibility in leadership and how this has helped his team feel empowered and valued. 

GENX - Australia

Adding Humor in Leadership to Close Generational Gap

Marty Wilson - Change & Resilience Keynote Speaker

2:00 PM EST 

A good sense of humor is one of the arts of leadership. It engages people and makes them feel more connected. This session with Marty Wilson will help you understand how integrating humor in your leadership can make your team psychologically safe and how communicating your vision as a leader makes you an effective one. 

Day 3 - Trust as a Currency

September 13, 2019

Millennial - South Africa

Decoding the Intergenerational Diversity

Ross Saunders - The Data Crusader

9:00 AM EST 

Do you have the key important skills of a generational leader? In this session, Ross Saunders will walk you through the key important skills in managing a generation and how the communicating your vision can make people follow you as a leader.

GENX - India

The Financial Priorities of Generational Leaders

Sangeeta Sumesh - High Performance Business Coach, Speaker & Best selling Author

9:30 AM EST 

Flexibility in leadership is a requirement especially when leading people from different generations. In this session, Sangeeta Sumesh will help us discover the reasons why leaders need to be flexible and how mindfulness of action and communication build trust among the team. 

Millennial - Philippines

Leading with a Dream

Gian Javelona - CEO, OrangeApps

10:00 AM EST 

In this Generational Leadership Masterclass Session, Gian Javelona will share his start-up entrepreneurship journey with a team of millennials and how he has cultivated a team of dreamers and doers enabling them to grow and prosper together.


How Generational Leaders Face Leadership Adversities

Mike Balbuena - Multi-Generational Leader

10:30 AM EST 

If most millennials aren’t afraid to change jobs, what keeps them in an organization? Mike Balbuena, with his years of experiences working with millennials will share how he’s able to keep and nurture the younger generations by creating challenging tasks

Millennial - South Africa

Leader's Mental Health in the Age of Generational Differences

Taryn-Lee Kearney - CEO & Chief Human Connector

11:00 AM EST 

Any problem in the business is caused by the psychology of the leaders. In this session with Taryn-Lee Kearney, you will discover how mental health is becoming a primary concern of organizations. From a perspective of a millennial, she will give you her tips on how to encourage mental health in the workforce. 

Millennial - Philippines

The Generational Leaders' Varying Approaches in Jumpstarting an Idea

Danness Serrano - Change Expert and Modificational Speaker

11:30 AM EST 

What bridges generational divide? In this session, you will learn with Dannes Serrano the power of acceptance, understanding and respect to bridge the gap of the generational divide. As a change expert, he will share his personal tips on how you can overcome adversities in leadership. 

Boomer - Australia

The "R" Tool to Bridge the Generational Gap

Lindsay Adams - The Relationships Guy

12:00 PM EST 

Conversations are a powerful tool to building better relationships among your team. In this session, Lindsay Adams will walk us through his way of communicating his vision to his team and how listening effectively makes a huge difference in communication.

GENX - India

The Technological Effect of Leadership Shift in the Workplace

Koushik Srinivasan - Leader, Speaker and Trainer

1:00 PM EST 

In this session with Koushik Srinivasan, you will learn how quickly Millennials adapt with technological advancements and how older generations should do the same. While it is the responsibility of the younger generations to communicate, it is the responsibility of the older generations to adapt to technological change.

Boomer - South Africa

Are you a generational critic or generational learner?

Gustav Gous - International Speaker, Founder President: Diversity Intelligence Institute

2:00 PM EST 

There are distinct leadership styles and different paradigms across generations. In this session with Gustav Gous, he will share with you his years of leadership wisdom and his perspective on the challenges of transferring his skills to the younger generation.

Day 4 - Altruism as an Attitude

September 14, 2019

Boomer - Canada

Breaking Through the Generational Communication Barrier

Steve Lowell - Award-Winning International Speaker

9:00 AM EST 

Do you know your team’s communication profiles? From Steve Lowell, you will learn how knowing your team's communications profiles can help you better influence them and how communicating in a way that elevates someone’s values and priorities can bridge the gap between generations.


Leading With Your Voice

Mike Chua - Speaker, Author, Certified Clinical Instructor

9:30 AM EST 

Different types of communication can foster understanding among generations. Learn the VERBAL way of communication and how can you use this in the workplace with Mike Chua. 

GENX - Sweden

Winning the Hearts of the Older Generations

Mia Liljeberg - International Speaker, Facilitator and Advisor

10:00 AM EST 

Diversity in generations is important to keep differences in perspective. In this session, Mia Liljeberg will give you a new way of looking at generational differences and how can you leverage on the different skill sets of your team to enable exponential growth.

Millennial - Philippines

How Millennials Lead and Manage People from Other Generations

Richard Carvajal - The Millennionaire

10:30 AM EST 

In this session with Richard Carvajal, we will dive deep into the distinct attributes of the millennial generation and GENZs. You will also discover the secret to leading these generations more effectively from a Millennial’s point of view. 

Millennial - Australia

The Brain Science of Generational Leaders

Ayesha Bibha - Speaker, Speed of Mind

11:00 AM EST 

Not sure how understanding brain science matters to leadership? Ayesha Bibha will share how knowing brain science brings in more understanding to the differences in every generation and how can we lead our minds to appreciating the beauty of diversity and become a better leader.

GENX - Canada

The Communication Art Forms of Each Generation

Michael Siervo - Social Businessman/Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

11:30 AM EST 

Millennials aren’t loyal to companies - they’re loyal to causes. In this session, Michael Siervo will take you behind the scenes of his corporate leadership journey and how managing millennials brought him into a deeper understanding of their potentials. 

GENX - United Kingdom

The Superstar Communicators in Generational Leaders 

Susan Heaton - Wright - Superstar Communicator

12:00 PM EST 

How can you become a great communicator? Discover the key skill areas in communication with the communicator expert Susan Wright and get to know how can these skills empower you as a better leader in your organization.

GENX - Singapore

Personal Branding for Generational Leaders

Jerome Joseph - CEO The Brand Theatre, CSP

1:00 PM EST 

How is branding relevant to leadership? Get the best tips from the Top 5 global guru on Branding, Jerome Joseph on why branding should begin at the top of the organization and how different branding should be approached for every generation. 

GENX - Australia

The Power of Conversation in Closing the Generational Gap

Kerrie Phipps - Author, Do Talk to Strangers

2:00 PM EST 

How can you more effectively help people? In this session, you will learn from Kerrie Phipps the power of conversations in leading generations, building your team and helping everyone in the organization to breakthrough and grow.

Boomer - Canada

Idea-driven Leadership Knows No Generation

Bob Hooey - Canada's Ideaman

3:00 PM EST 

Self-investment is substantial to growing yourself as a smart leader. This session with Bob Hooey is very interesting as he will share his mindset to constant and never-ending learning and why leaders should always create opportunities for growth in their organizations. 

Day 5 - Boldness as a Mindset

September 15, 2019


Understanding Personality as Key to Generational Differences

Chris Widener - One of Inc Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers & One of the Top 50 Speakers in the World

9:00 AM EST 

The ability to inspire change and motivate the team to take action is the single most important role of leaders in an organization. Chris Widener calls this as the power of influence. In his session, you will learn more about his insights on the fundamental shifts in perspectives and how can leaders use influence as a power to lead.  

Millennial - Philippines

How Generational Leaders can be Effective Influencers

Nizley Alferez - Speaker, Leader and Educator, Chief Evangelist of Freedom Nexus

9:30 AM EST 

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. In this session, Nizley Alferez will share how mentors helped her in managing a team of GENZs. She will help you discover the distinct attitudes of every generation and what can you learn from them. 

Millennial - Malaysia

Passion as a Common Ground for Generational Leaders

Kishvin Sirinavin - Motivational Speaker, CEO at Fusion Media Productions

10:00 AM EST 

Millennials are the world’s largest living generation who are currently establishing their careers. How can you win them? A millennial, Kishvin Sirinavin will share his experiences on the paradigm shifts relating to the structure of current organizations and how can you attract them to your company. 

Xennial - Philippines


Pocholo Gonzales - The Voice of the Xennial

11:00 AM EST 

In this session with Pocholo Gonzales, you will discover the Xennial generation and why they are considered as the greatest generation. He will share how he leads the younger generation as guided by his leadership principle: when you push, they will refuse. When you insist, they will resist.

GENX - Bangladesh

How to Respond to Generational Challenges

Nashid Ali - Founder & CEO, CloudCreative Limited

11:30 AM EST 

It is important to scale yourself with the technology and adapt quickly to technological advancements. Nashid Ali, in this discussion finds that there is no challenge in technology as long as you’re quick to adapt, especially the older generations.

Millennial - Philippines

Teaching as a Key Tool in Leading Other Generations

Cearl Hernandez - University Instructor

12:00 PM EST 

What makes you a credible and trustworthy leader? In this session, you will learn how to equip yourself with the knowledge that makes you a credible and trusted leader and how presentation skills are important in your leadership role. 

GENX - Singapore

How to Become a Leader with a Resilient Mindset

Wong Yu Jin - Mental Toughness Expert

1:00 PM EST 

You don’t have to go through hardships to be mentally tough. It’s a learnable skill. Yu Jin Wong, a Mental Toughness Expert, will take you to a closer look on the significance of taking care of your health and mind to become a highly effective, resilient and mentally-tough leader.

Millennial - Namibia

How to Breakthrough “You’re-Still-Young” Stigma

Brendan Ihmig - Digital Entrepreneur & Social Media Professional

1:30 PM EST 

Ever doubted by the older generations because of your age? In this session with Brendan Ihmig, you will learn how to deal with challenges when pursuing your passion at a young age. He will share his mindset on how to communicate with actions to get started with pursuing what you want.

GENX - The Netherlands

Understanding Disruption in a Multi-generation Organization

Tom Sligting - Founder of Disruptionland

2:00 PM EST 

Personal disruption is more powerful than change. Learn from Tom Sligting more about the power of disruption and how can this help you improve your leadership. 

Boomer - USA

Leading By Understanding Generational Cultures

Harriet L. Russell - Business Ease Overseas, Cross-Cultural Strategist

3:00 PM EST 

Are Boomers passionate about mentoring the younger generations and sharing their life experiences with them? Harriet L. Russell, in this session, will give you a whole new view on boomers' perspective on mentoring and passing their skill sets to help the younger generations build a stronger future. 

Day 6 - Collaboration as a Method

September 16, 2019

Boomer - The Netherlands

Job Crafting as a Solution to Job Description-restricted Organization

Paul Ter Wal - International Human Capital Consultant

9:00 AM EST 

Are job descriptions still relevant? In this session, Paul Ter Wal will help you understand how job description is the end of teamwork in the present workplace and how trust, authority and autonomy will make an organization improve faster.

Millennial - Philippines

Entrepreneurship in the Eyes of Generational Leaders

Ryan Rivera - Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur 

9:30 AM EST 

In this Generational Leadership Masterclass Session, you will find out more about how mentors are important in both entrepreneurial and leadership journey.  Ryan Rivera will share his challenges on rejections while striving for success in business.

Millennial - Malaysia

Solution-focused Leadership in the Age of Generational Diversity

Sunil Hasmukharay - International Keynote Speaker | Executive Leadership SF Coach

10:00 AM EST 

In this session, you will learn from a millennial the two reasons why most of the millennials jump from one company to another and how as a leader can you empower and encourage this generation to stayin your organization.

GENX - France

How Enchantment Can Help You Lead Other Generations

Nathalie Bagadey - Business Enchantress

10:30 AM EST 

In this Generational Leadership Masterclass Session with Nathalie Bagadey, you will learn her proven method of re-enchanting your life and how integrating this will make a huge impact in your leadership. 

GENX - Namibia

Untagging Generational Tags

Siegfried Lange - Co-Founder at Capacity Trust, Speaker and Author

11:00 AM EST 

How does environment shape the generational differences? In this session with Siegfried Lange, you will learn the 3 Laws of Nature and how did these form the differences among generations. How can you optimize these differences as a leader? Find out in this session.

Millennial - Malaysia

The Leadership Connection to Win the Millennials at Work

Bavani Periasamy - President, Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

11:30 AM EST 

In this generational leadership masterclass, you will learn how to understand on a deeper level the psychology and behavior of the millennial generation. Bavani Periasamy will share her insights on how the senior leaders should communicate with sincerity to the younger generations.

GENX - Philippines

People-centered Human Capital as Key to Generational Divide

Marvin Zoilo - HR Director, PH

12:00 PM EST 

As a Human Resource Director, Marvin Zoilo will walk you through his 3 steps of communication to resolve generational conflicts. He will also give you more insights why training is now considered stereotypical and traditional. 

GENX - Malaysia

Serving it Foward: Generational Leadership Through Service

Jonathan Low - Global Conference Speaker, Leadership and Success Coach

1:00 PM EST 

In this Generational Leadership Masterclass Session, you will learn from Jonathan Low how to appreciate the generational differences in relation to serving, communicating and educating each generation.

Millennial - Singapore

Winning Beyond Generational Labels

Rafiya Sultana - Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Author

2:00 PM EST 

We all grow with our experiences, not with our age. In this masterclass session with Rafiya Sultana, you will learn more about the connection of your thought process to experiences and why should you as a leader manage your emotions and behaviors - not control them. 

Boomer - The Netherlands

Understanding the Hardworking Generation

Frowa Schuitemaker - Author, Speaker and Mentor | Powerful PresentationsAuthor

2:00 PM EST 

In this Generational Leadership Masterclass Session, Frowa Schuitemaker will share with you her perspective about best leadership and how to learn to enjoy the differences in every generation. 

Day 7 - Dynamism as a Model

September 17, 2019

Millennial - Ireland

The 1% Strategy in Leading a Generationally Diversed Team

Mike Grogan - Kaizen Leadership Consultant

9:00 AM EST 

Technology is an amplifier of learning. With Mike Grogan, we will explore the benefits of technology as a generation and how can leaders leverage on advancements to better lead their organizations.

GENX - Singapore

Leadership Through Profiling Not Generational Label

Christian Chua - Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) 

9:30 AM EST 

Have you ever aligned your leadership style to a person’s profile? Christian Chua will guide you through the ways how to profile people and how the wisdom in reply will help all leaders better manage their team.

Boomer - Canada

What Generational Leaders can Learn from Nomads

Kevin CottamGlobal Nomad Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Author

10:00 AM EST 

There are 3 global nomadic mindsets that drive competencies among the younger generations. Learn more about it from Kevin Cottam as he also shares the reason why this change of mindset in an organization should come from the top leadership.

GENX - New Zealand

How to Breakthrough from Generational Stigma

Nats Levi - Award Winning Expert, Author and International Speaker Author

Filipo Levi - Speaker and Facilitator, High Performance Corporate Teams

10:30 AM EST 

Burnout can occur when you experience long-term stress in the workplace. How can you prevent this especially when there are conflicts in your team? Watch this session with Filippo and Nats Levi as they explore ways to feel fulfilled and happy at work. 

GENZ - Philippines

Why Leading and Managing Gen Z isn't a Good Idea

Jiro Reyes - Graphic Designer

11:00 AM EST 

How do GENZs crush the barriers to entrepreneurship? A GENZer/entrepreneur, Jiro Luis Reyes will share his journey of winning the older generations and having them support his business. Is this really possible? 

GENX - India

The Role of Digital Tools in Winning the Game of Change

Kiruba Shankar - Entrepreneur, Author, Professional Speaker, Professor

11:30 AM EST 

Kiruba Shankar will walk you through his proven ways of leading the older and younger generations when it comes to technological advancements, how to tap into their diversity and use this to bridge the gap. 

GENX - Ukraine

The Key to Leadership isn't Age, it's Mastery

Mykola Latansky - Genius Revelation Master; Thought-Based Coach 

12:00 PM EST 

In this session, you will dive deep into Mykola Latansky’s years of understanding of an individual’s inner genius and how can you tap into it to become the best version of yourself. He will make you understand the importance of mastery across all generations.

GENX - Jersey

Customer Service in the Eyes of Different Generational Leaders

Claire Boscq-Scott - The Busy Queen Bee; Author and International Speaker

1:00 PM EST 

Do you want to know how environment shapes leadership and management among generations? Claire Boscq-Scott will share her insights about this while walking you through the 4-step process for a business to have clarity in their direction. 

GENX - Singapore

Why Leaders Must Leap on New Opportunities Regardless of their Generation

Andrea Edwards - The Digital Conversationalist

2:00 PM EST 

How did digital revolution create an impact on generations? In this session with Andrea Edwards, you will learn more about the digital revolution, its impact on generations and how can you as a leader optimize social media platforms to deliver value to your audience.

GENX - Belgium

The Change Mindset for Generational Leaders

Cyriel Kortleven - Global Speaker on Change Mindset

3:00 PM EST 

There are 3 elements of mindsets that leaders can use to empower their team. Cyril Kortleven will help you explore how change mindset can bridge the gap to the general divide and how can you recognize signals for change.

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Your Host for the Generational Leadership Summit

Lloyd Luna

Motivational Speaker & CEO Stepback Leadership

Hi I'm Lloyd Abria Luna.

The first Filipino to represent the Philippines in Global Speakers Summit, the first to speak in a French and European Speakers Convention, the first to become member of the board of Global Speakers Federation, and the first Registered Speaking Professional in the Philippines, is a renowned professional speaker and author of 16 best-selling books.

I've been an Asian motivational speaker for 15 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually.

Today I'm on a mission to help leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work.

That is why I founded this Generational Leadership Summit to empower leaders around the globe to not just just bridge the generational gap but also create an impact beyond their organization. 

If you are ready to be able to lead with ease, confidence and assertiveness that all the great leaders have, I'm here to show you the way.

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